About Us

• Our Business Philosophy

To preserve ecology and to provide you with only the finest products available.

LingZhi Paradise, offers a comprehensive selection of natural products which are free from additives, colorings and preservatives, thus bringing you products bursting with effectiveness to enhance your natural beauty, health and happiness. Double Crane Group of Companies - Taiwan is our principal.

• Yung Kien Factory

The World Largest Professional Lingzhi Manufacturer Yung Kien Industrial Corp. Ltd

It is situated at Yen-Shui town in Tainan county of Taiwan, which officially started operation on October 1993. This factory occupies more than 19,835m². Its objective is allowing Shuang Hor Group to supervise product quality and productivity in an efficient way. It ensures the upstream activities of research and development, selection of Lingzhi species, cultivation of the spawn as well as the downstream activities concerning production, inspection, and distribution, hence attaining perfect quality control standards under stringent requirements.

Yung Kien Factory is currently the largest and most advanced bio-chemical Lingzhi manufacturing plant in Taiwan. It has developed the unique and state-of-the-art "Dual-phase Extraction Technique", for which micro processors are used in controlling the time, temperature, and the entire production process to avoid any human negligence and pollution of micro-organism, hence achieving the highest quality of production. Its Lingzhi products are distributed to all overseas branches to meet the demand of the enormous market.

• LingZhi Science Museum

In addition to this, a "Lingzhi SSH Science Museumcience Museum" was built in the factory, where rare and invaluable Lingzhi literatures, historical documents & information, specimens of various Lingzhi species, along with related Lingzhi products are kept and exhibited, serving as Lingzhi research and education forum. It is also the first and only science and research centre in the world specializing in the study of Lingzhi.

Lingzhi Science Museum with the support of Lingzhi Species Cultivation Centre and Indoor Experimental Farm has on display real samples of Lingzhi of various stages, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of the actual growth conditions of Lingzhi. Through "Lingzhi's Life History", "Fruiting Bodies of Different Lingzhi Types", as well as "Identification and Classification of Lingzhi", visitors also get to see the full picture of Lingzhi and be impressed by the resourcefulness of Lingzhi Science Museum.