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The following are several testimonials, in particular, Dr. Benchert Tantivit, who is a medical practitioner and professional health care advisor from Thailand, had shared his vast experiences on LingZhi and its efficacies. We sincerely hope that this sharing would allow you to gain more understanding about the use of Lingzhi (Ganoderma) as natural remedy for modern illnesses.

In the meantime, please feel free to go through the experience of others who had remarkably benefited from the quality products of Double Crane Group.

Dr Benchert Tantivit - Thailand

Benchert Tantivit MD has vast experience about Lingzhi product and has treated countless patients with this miraculous herb. He has till now authored 2 books about this subject namely:

Melatonin and I (in Thai language) & Lingzhi and I (In Mandarin). Both books are under translation into English. Click HERE to read full report!

Nasal Tumor: Mr. Phang - Choa Chu Kang (Singapore)

I had been suffering from allergic rhinitis (experiencing runny nose daily) for many years. In 2004, I started to consume Jia Hor Ganoderma intermittently. Subsequently, my asthma was cured, thus it boosted my confidence in Jia Hor Ganoderma. In 2007, I began to consume 4 capsules of Yung Kien Ganoderma and 8 capsules of bee pollen. During early April, a strong sneeze triggered intra-nasal bleeding.

On 17/4/07, I visited Trans Island Medical Group for a medical consultation. On 2/5/07, my second visit to the clinic, a tumor was detected in the nasal cavity. On the 8/5/07 evening, a nasal tumor of an inch size was vigorously sucked out from the mouth. On 16/5/07, the nasal tumor was confirmed as benign by the doctor.

Ovarian Cancer 4th stage : Mdm. Siew Qin - Bukit Batok (Singapore)

In 2007, my doctor had sent me for an ultrasound scan to investigate my lower abdominal pain, and it was subsequently diagnosed to be a cancerous growth. To be precise, it was in the 4th stage and cancer cells have spread to other part of my uterus. The doctors explained that for ovarian cancer they would remove ovarian and part of the uterus so I could enjoy more quality of life. My operation was scheduled six months later.

Thereafter, I started taking Yung Kien Lingzhi and bee pollens everyday as recommended by my sister. Six months later, I turned up for the operation. The tumour was removed successfully, however, to the doctor surprise, the cancer cells did not spread beyond the ovarian. Out of curiosity, the doctor asked me what I have taken. After sharing with him on the Lingzhi and bee pollens, the doctor encouraged me to continue taking them as they help to improve my immunity.

Another six months had passed; I visited the hospital for another round of thorough check-up. To my pleasant surprise, the result showed that my cancer were already in a manageable condition, and there has not been any revival of cancerous activities ever since. Until today, I am still taking Lingzhi and bee pollens on daily basis for on-going health maintenance.

Migraine, women disorder : Ms Hsieh Yueh-E - Shulin, Taipei (Taiwan)

I suffered from women's disorders, migraine, and acute nephritis before I started taking Lingzhi, and I often felt great discomfort. Whenever I had my period, it would last for half a month especially if I had a cold too. Migraine had severely affected my sleep, and I had to take painkillers to sleep at night. The pain and discomfort was horrible!

I eagerly started taking increasing doses of Lingzhi in 1997. After about two weeks, I experienced a dry mouth, back pain and stiffness, and much acne on my face. My condition began to improve gradually after two months. Nowadays I feel exceptionally good. I have fewer colds, the quality of my sleep has improved considerably, and my migraine has been gone. My friends compliment that I look 20 years younger. Thanks to Lingzhi, I don't have to see the doctor so often anymore.