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Major constituents: Prime coffee beans, low fat non-dairy creamer, and Yung Kien Ganoderma.

Formulated using only prime coffee beans, freshly brewed for its premium taste, and enhanced with Yung Kien Ganoderma to blend the bitter taste of Ganoderma with the unique bitterness of coffee.

The low fat non-dairy creamer (plant-base) used is derived from coconut and is free from the harmful trans fat. Free from any flavouring essence or preservatives, giving you an exquisitely smooth flavour and rich aroma. A sugar-free beverage.

Content: 20 Sachets/box

What Exactly Is Caffeine?

A: Coffee contains a wide variety of bioactive compounds including caffeine, theine, and methyl theobromine. Among these, the one most frequently mentioned by the health-conscious lot is caffeine, which is also commonly found in tea leaves, chocolates, and cola drinks. Caffeine exhibits a mild pharmacological action in stimulating the central nervous system. Upon digestion and assimilation, it is transported via the blood stream to reach the brain, where it imparts an influence on the neural activities. As caffeine can excite the autonomic nerves, it prompts a surge of high spirit, enhances mental alertness, removes fatigue, expels sleepiness, and alleviates headache. Besides, caffeine is also remarkable in speeding up blood circulation to keep the body warm, apart from promoting diuresis (an increase of the flow of urine) and exciting the secretion of gastric juice. It can thus be seen that barring excessive consumption, caffeine is beneficial to the human body.

In what way does Trans fat affect body health?
A: Most producers of coffee formulations utilize a hydrogenation process that modifies the molecular structure of fats, so that the vegetable oil used could become more tolerant to high temperature and resistant to turning rancid. However, this process generates the production of Trans fat, which is harmful to the human health. Trans fat tends to build up in the body and cannot be broken down easily. Its long-term intake can bring about a high risk of various cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary arteriosclerosis, as it causes an elevation in the level of the bad cholesterols and a decline in the level of the good cholesterol.

Will drinking coffee lead to the onset of heart diseases?
A: It is a common fallacy to associate heart diseases with the consumption of coffee. Extensive research findings have pointed out that coffee has nothing to do with the onset of cardiac problems. On the contrary, adequate intake of caffeine, which is a major component in coffee, can in fact be beneficial to the cardiovascular system due to its ability to fortify the cardiac functions, dilate the blood vessels, and promote blood circulation. Actually, heart diseases such as coronary arteriosclerosis are mostly traced to unhealthy living habits, including excessive drinking and smoking and the lack of physical workouts. As such, provided that we observe moderation in the consumption of a coffee beverage, its rich content of antioxidants can benefit our health in many ways.

Will the consumption of coffee cause osteoporosis?
A: There isn’t any evidence indicating a link between coffee and osteoporosis (a condition characterized by the loss of bone mass and increased bone porosity). Provided that we observe a balanced diet with special attention given to calcium intake, lead a healthy life, and reinforce our health-care regimen with Jia Hor Calcium Plus Tablets, we can effectively keep the problems of calcium deficiency or drainage at bay!

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