Yung Kien Ganoderma 2

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Major constituents: Extract of Ganoderma Tsugae Fruit Body

Produced through the most advanced of purification techniques: As the extraction and concentration techniques traditionally used in maximizing the content of triterpenoids have already reached their threshold limit, a state-of-the-art purification technique is now adopted, making it possible to produce a new generation formula with a 6-fold increase in the content of triterpenoids. It is worth pointing out that this purification technique is only popular among pharmaceutical firms boasting ample financial resources and equipped with the advanced facilities required.

6-fold increase in triterpenoids content: Triterpenoids, a special group of nutritive substance found in Lingzhi, is also the very component that determines the efficacy of a Lingzhi species. Through numerous animal tests, it has been discovered that triterpenoids are helpful in reinforcing our immune functions, militating cancer growth, as well as improving the conditions of liver fibrosis, allergies, and various health problems.

The need of patients suffering from critical illness: In particular, the findings have also revealed that patients with critical illness would benefit most from triterpenoids only if they are made available in large quantities. In this respect, the total amount of triterpenoids, available in the form of 9 types of ganoderic acids (ganoderic acids A, B, C, etc), is 6 times higher in the second generation of Yung Kien Ganoderma compared with the original version. Therefore, it comes as a convenient alternative to those who face difficulty and inconvenience in swallowing the capsules in such large numbers.

Content: Blisters of 2 x 10 capsules/box

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