Vcare Hair Repairing Serum

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Products Desciption

Major Constituent:
Chitosan, Red Seaweed Extract and Olive Oil.

Capable of subduing fungal proliferation on the scalp to deliver amazing anti-fungal and deodorising benefits.

Red Seaweed Extract: Helps tresses retain moisture and render them soft to touch.

Olive Oil: Capable of nourishing the hair root to help prevent hair loss and at the same time discourage the development of dry hair and split ends.

Content: 110ml/bottle

: Suitable for all types of hair, a formulation specially designed for both dry and wet hair.

For wet hair: Apply evenly over wet hair. Leave it for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.
For dry hair: Use it as a hair repairing serum by simply applying an appropriate amount over the hair, avoiding the scalp. No rinsing needed.

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