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Major constituents: Protease Enzyme, Anti-Redeposition Cellulose, and Complex Super Detergent.

An enzyme formulation that is highly biodegradable, does not pose any health concern, contributes to environmental protection, and gets rid of stubborn stains effectively;

Suitable for all washable clothing, including premium quality garments, underclothes, and baby wear. After laundry, the clothing would give a soft and smooth touch and do not get wrinkled, entangled, or hardened;

Sets you free from the worry of residual traces of chemicals and does not harm your hands or cause skin allergies. Imparts your clothing with a natural, refreshing scent after laundry;

A concentrated and efficient liquid detergent that needs only one-third the amount of a normal detergent, produces low suds, and is easier to be rinsed. Comparatively, its use brings the benefits of saving water, time, and power consumption;

Conforms to the regulations of Eco Friendly Label, totally free from contents that are harmful to the human body and environment. These include phosphorus, optical brighteners, and bleaching agents;

It also contains Anti-redeposition Cellulose, which immediately envelops or wraps up the dirt dislodged during the process of laundry to prevent secondary contamination of the washed clothing.

Besides with the dirt being broken down into smaller clusters by the enzymes, the clothing becomes readily to be rinsed clean with ease, hence doing away with the need for a softener. As such, GoEco Bio Enzyme Liquid Detergent is your answer to ensuring that your clothing always stay as clean as new.

Content: 1 litre/bottle

GoEco Bio Enzyme Liquid Detergent is specially formulated for hand wash as well as both top-load and front-load washers. For better results, soak at least 30 minutes before washing.

1) Hand wash: 1/4 capful for 5 litre of water
2) Machine wash (8-9Kg): Full load - 1/2 capful
3) For stubborn stains, pre-treat by gently rubbing a small amount onto stain and set for 5 minutes. Wash as usual.

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